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Hate Mail


As you may be aware, IGSRJ Productions receives a plethora of hate mail each and every day. This page was created to highlight some of the most memorable inbox classics.   

Page last updated: January 8, 2010

Received January 8, 2010:

What a fucking crock. It's super easy, because the first thing you did when you turned on the game was set the difficulty to VERY EASY.  
This review is the most retarded thing I've heard. Did you even bother to take into account this game was made in 1992? This was ground breaking for it's time, and only helped to improve the gaming genre into what it is today.  You can be sure this is the last review of your I will bother to watch. Stupid ass.

Received January 5, 2010:

this page sucks, i will fucking come to IGSRJ's house and murder him i have his IP address and will fucking rape his pussy hole open

Received December 28, 2009:

I hope Johnny Cage knocks on your door and the moment you open the door, he punches you in the nuts. Rendering you sterile for life. No one like you should ever have kids. Better yet, he punch you in the balls and your balls fall off.

Received December 9, 2009:

dear smallcock,
ya know your review is the worst on the web when you have to use microsoft sam because your too much of a coward to put your real voice. your probably some fat middle aged guy living in your moms basement stealing an internet connection from your neightbor. duke nukem was a great game. fuckin piece of shit reviewer.

Received August 23, 2009:

AVGN's videos' are WAY better, far more informative and he actually makes valid points instead of just bitching away like you. I mean, some points you made were good and you're funny enough but your inability to play ANY game in any mode besides the easiets is, quite frankly, pathetic. Every single game I've seen you play, you've picked the lowest difficulty....it just makes your videos so much harder to appreiate. The AVGN is has a LOT of shitty vids...but he's stuill better than you...pathetic

Received June 12, 2009:

Are you serious??? You're stupid. You mistake the wii controller for a remote?? And you showed in your video you had the grip on? How do you get them confused? Also, the cord on the nunchuck is fine in lenght. Have you ever played with a regular controller?? You're not going to play the wii with your arms spread out. And how can you forget that your speaker is not plugged in when you're watching a movie for 20 minutes? I'm sorry, but you're one fucked up kid! lol

Received August 15, 2009:

Super Mario Brothers 3 NES review
i hope this is a fucking joke, super mario bros 3 is a fuckin awesome make that defined many people childhoods. thats probably why you descise your voice, and dont so a video of yourself, because you dont want people hunting you down and assissanating your ass for nit picking an awesome game you dont understand. just cause you suck as video games doest make it a bad game, you flaming piece of shit

Received August 5, 2009:

You suck ass!
you suck ass, you think super mario brothers 3 is bad? it`s the 2nd best mario game ever! the first being super mario galaxy.

Received August 4, 2009:

ok 1st the wii internet does not use atrei plug (can't spell) 2nd why not use the remote whats wrong with that you can not buy new batteries or rechargeable's shesh what morron i also saw atrei so called porn review just like the AVGN u did. it made me sick i only turned off only a 1:30 of the video barf city or what i going to be sick ok now 3rd the wii internet is less powerful but shit. the price i got is 1'000 now that bullshit BUT REAL (not 500) & every one no's thats fake money just like u

Received July 24, 2009:

your mk saga review sucks!
it was a great game you fool it is my favorite game series you make shit reviews on good games mortal kombat the first one is the best of all the fighting games

Received May 2, 2009:

why do you always delite your son a bitch favorites

Received May 4, 2009:

Seriously dude, I said if I didn't fucking like you I would unsubscribe man. I'm not like the rest of your fucking fan boys. I thought you were actually a pretty cool guy man. I mean your funny as hell and your reviews are actully beter than the I rape noobs or fucking avgn man. I've been watching your fucking vids since nightmare on elm street came out. I was your fucking friend man your fucking compadrea. I hate to say it, but fuck you man. All you care about is fucking money and views and shit. You havn't even made a game review in what 3 or 4 fucking months? Fuck you dude I'll start making my own god damn vids and well see who is fucking beter man.

peace out bitch

Received July 9, 2009:

Haii XD

Received December 16, 2008:

hi again
fuck you faggot
i will force you to fuck a monkey so u get aids

Received January 11, 2009:

im sorry
Im sorry about what i said but why do you have the avgn,s trailer on your screan name?I maen ya you said you like the avgn.

Received June 27, 2009:

..you are really obsessed over whether or not AVGN "rips you off". If you were really good at what you try to do, you'd blow him away if your stuff was released before his. But, let's face it, he's better at what he does, and personally, I don't give a shit if he "rips you off". You seem to be a pretty whiny bitch if you need to constantly declare that somebody did the same thing you did (although, AVGN's movie list and filming is typically done several months before the video is released), and honestly, it detracts from your success.

Honestly, your videos are okay. They're gimmicky what with the whole computer voice and not showing your face but nobody gives a shit if somebody else ripped you off. If you're good at what you do, do what you do and don't care about what other people do. It's no surprise that he blows you away in endorsements, views and overall popularity - he's way better and you're just another copycat of him, just like the Irate Gamer.

So, whatever. I was just introduced to your stuff and honestly it was okay until every goddamn video comment I read from you was about how AVGN was copying you. Even if he is, at least he's better and doesn't bitch and complain about the hundreds of copycats that try to do exactly what he does but suck a lot more ass at it.

Received July 19, 2008:

You're a fucking pathetic piece of shit, you moron. You think you're Mr. Big Macho Man, insulting the Irate Gamer, who's a million times better than you. You're not funny, and making mockery videos (of someone you will NEVER become more popular than, and of someone who works very hard to make his videos, which are far better than yours) is a cheap, and pathetic way to success. Not true success. But success, made by entertaining the retarded people of this world.

Why not become a true reviewer? Make reviews like the iRate Gamer, Zero Punctuation, Armake21, Nostalgia Critic, Me, and the king of them all, the Angry Video Game Nerd? Huh? Why must you pick on the iRate Gamer? You're a loser. That's what you are. You're a loser, and you want a cheap, retarded way of making success, by insulting the success of someone else. That's fucking low. Even if the iRate Gamer sucks ass, you've put your level far below him.

Now don't go replying saying my videos suck ass, because I know they do. But at least I'm trying, and I'm putting them out there, and none are mockeries of anyone else. Besides, I'm brand new. I like all video game reviewers. All of them. And I have respect for all of them. But not you, and others, that mock the iRate Gamer. I don't hate you. I hate your videos.

How many years has the AVGN made videos for? Huh? How many? Since he was 3 years old. Surprise! That's why he's the best. That's why he's better than the iRate Gamer. Next question. How many years has the iRate Gamer been making videos for? 2? He went to college, to learn to make videos, while the AVGN was still the AVGN, and just because he's not as good, you think he sucks. How illogically pathetic can you be? iRate Gamer is awesome, and even if he sucks (which he does not. You suck), he will get better over the years. He has already been getting better, anyway. He's brand new. Okay? Making fun of the iRate Gamer, is like making fun of preschoolers, for drawing shitty pictures. It's retarded. How about you make fun of a baby for not knowing how to speak? Asshole. iRate is new, and he only reviewed TWO of the same games, the AVGN reviewed. TWO. And nothing was plagiarized. The wording was different. He may have pointed out the same flaws, but maybe they were the ONLY important flaws in the game.

Another thing, Mr. Look At Me, how many fucking video game reviewers out there, make the shittiest video game reviews, recording with crooked video cameras, talking with muffled noises, actually plagiarizing the Nerd's work, getting 1-2 star ratings you fucking dumb shit? How many? Millions. Why not make fun of them? Huh? Because the iRate Gamer is more popular? If so, that gives even more reason, not to mock his videos, because he IS more popular... And better than those amateurish guys, and even better than some professional reviewers.

If he sucks so much, why is he the second most popular reviewer on Youtube? Huh? You hate him, because you don't understand why you think he copied the Nerd. You don't understand anything. You're an illogical assumer. Woop tee fucking doo if you think he sucks. Respect his work you moron. AVGN doesn't even know you exist. Stop sucking his cock. He knows I exist. He knows many others exist. You? Ha! Even the iRate Gamer doesn't know you exist. You're retarded, and your videos appeal to those that are retarded, and you fucked up your voice for some stupid reason. Are you afraid someone's gunna track you down and beat you up or something? Are you a scardy cat? Be a man, and remove your disgusting videos. You know deep down inside, that it's WRONG! Keep your opinions to yourself. Many people like the iRate Gamer. What you do, insults him, his fans, and all the amateurish reviewers, that are worse than him, and even insults mankind itself, because of how stupid they are.

Never-the-less, you are experienced enough to become your own self. Make reviews, and review them in your own style. Go for the stars. Why be ANOTHER worthless, pathetic iRate mockery? It's easy to mock someone, because all the information is there. All you have to do is dumb it down. It's nothing special. Now get the fuck off of Youtube.

Received July 2, 2009:

moonwalker review
nice review, was funny but yeh you didnt have to fucking put that avgn ripped you off. now i dont need to research who put what first but watching both reviews i dont see anything copied. both of you were reviewing the same game and as good reviewers notice the same shit especially if its a bad game. its like saying ign copies 1up when reviewing a the same game or ebert copying stuff from the newspaper when reviewing a movie. got my point?

now the only reason i even watched your video, which like i said was funny, was because of your little description about you being ripped off by a more popular reviewer. well GG, coz he didnt and youre just trying to get attention for yourself and you got me there. now for remarks on your video, since i really havent watched anything else that you have made and dont have plans to do so, i must say your voice sucks (or the software you use to mask it), its annoying and just unnatural, must be your style but since youre hiding your face already from the vids, why hide the voice too? and you call people ripping you off. what a retard.

anyway have fun wishing and dreaming.

Received June 2, 2009:


I really hated the reviews of the Wii system and the Internet Channel that you did.
I want to ask why you have that stupid robotic voice in your videos. Are you too young to be on YouTube,
or are you just being stupid and trying to be funny?!

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