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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Are you going to make any more reviews?
A:  Yes, we make reviews when time permits.

Q:  What's taking so long on making a new video?
A:   If there are no new videos, the company is currently busy with other projects.

Q:  How can I become a successful game reviewer like yourself?
A:  There is no magical formula to writing great game reviews.  But we can offer three of our top suggestions.
   1. Rip people off.
   2. Use a lot of special effects.
   3. Rip great, classic games a new one.

Q:  Your stuff is pretty funny, but what is up with the voice?
A:  What?

Q:   What is your favorite review you've made?
A:   We like, A Nightmare on Elm Street, our first review best.

Q:  Why is the character in your videos so anonymous?
A:   He's not.  Just send an email, and it will get forwarded to him.

Q:   What is the black/gray system you're using in the Super Mario Brothers 3 and Barbie review?
A:    It is called the FC Twin. It plays both NES and SNES games.

Q:  What does IGSRJ stand for?
A:   It stands for a very honorable profession.

Q:   What kind of editing software do you use?
A:   We currently use Adobe Premiere on our editing systems.

Q:   In the Mortal Kombat review, you say that BigAl2k6 "pwned my fucking ass."  What video? I can't find it.
A:   Here it is.  It starts 50 seconds into the video:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9qdV1lSyxbQ

Q:   Can I make a request?
A:   Sure, but we've received tons of them.  Although they are all catalogued, we can't guarantee they will be reviewed.

Q:   What is the candy used in the Barbie review?
A:    It was basically a heart filled with Hershey kisses.

Q:   With Armake21 and JamesNintendoNerd losing their YouTube accounts, what are you doing to make sure your videos aren't lost?
A:   All of my videos are edited and then stored on an external hard drive in their raw formats.  As a backup, the raw files are also stored on DVD-R's.  All the edited reviews are stored on DVD-R's in uncompressed MPEG1 format.

Q:   Are you going to review the game that is the background on your YouTube channel?
A:   Not necessarily.  We change the picture occasionally to keep things interesting.

Q:   Did "SAM" from your Mario Kart review ever contact you?
A:   We have receiving numerous messages from people claiming to be "SAM," but who knows?

Q:   What is that song in the Nintendo Wii review?
A:    It is from a Parker Brothers NES game called Drac's Night Out.  It can now be downloaded here.

Q:  Is Punch-Out Wii your next review?
A:  Not necessarily the next review, but eventually.

Q:  Did you really shred a $5 bill in your Internet Channel review?
A:  Yes. No special effects were involved in that shot.

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